203 pages - Libraria Editrice Internazionale Editions


  Awards :    
  • 1991 Antibes World Underwater Picture Festival - PRIX MONDIAL DU LIVRE D'IMAGES SOUS MARINE.


The Book is a concept, complex and harmony-oriented.
It is diveded in seven parts, each one bound to a different colour, arranged to reproduce the solar-spectrum.

Each part is made of twenty-three pictures, twenty-one of those proper to the part.
Picture number twenty-two is white, blended with the peculiar colour of the part.
Picture number twenty-three instead is characterized by a particular graphic play, based on the gray scale.

The graphic structure of the book si modelled after the "golden ratio", also known as the "golden section" or the "mean of Phidias"; in arts and mathematics it describes the ratio between two different quantities when the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one.

Due to its geometric and mathematic properties, often distinguishable in many natural and cultural backgrounds, apparently not bound one to the others, the golden ration has so much impressed mankind through the centuries, that it has become an highly-valued standard of beauty.

The "golden spiral", which is the spiral coming from the described ratio, is the graphic element the book is built on; both pictures and text placement is based on this harmony icon.

Every photograph comes with a text espressly dedicated to the photograph itself. Besides each of the seven part of the book opens and ends with two pieces of text: one bound to the concerning colour of the part, talking about the effects it has when it gets in touch with the Man, together with the relationship it has with its complementary colour. The second one, which is an introductive piece of text, develops the concept.

A copy of the graphic structure comes together with the book: this "cage" (as we named it) is printed on vellum paper. It can be used by the reader, once superimposed to the pages, to better-understand the placement of the different pictures and texts.