240 pages - DamaCom Editions

  Awards :



  • 2004 – Orvieto (Italy) – Orvieto Photography Award 2004 – VI Edition – FIRST PRIZE FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK in the “Naturalistic Image” CATEGORY.

  • 2004 – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Celebrate the Sea – Underwater Imagery Festival 2004 – BEST BOOK OF FESTIVAL.


Is it possible to divide the Time, giving it a structure to follow the flow of Light?
There is a well-acquainted tool that can help us in dooing it: the clock.
By converting the clock in graphic element and playing with geometrical structures, we managed to create a visual time-line that can be used to divide the flow of Day, as well as the flow of Light.
Thus the flow of Time clears not only in the photographs, but even within the structure of the square, as well as in the circle inscribed within the square.
The four main phases of the Day (Dawn, Daytime, Dusk, Night) softly fade one into the other, indentifying themselves on the structure, in some kind of "imaginary reflection of time".

So going through the book we can see the flow of time, but how?
Using the pictures of course, and the text as well. Words indeed originate in a certain point of every page, corresponding with one of the hours of the part of the Day we are going through. Along this lines the four phases take form. Four "imaginary slices" moving on the clock face.

240 pages with 213 pictures following the flow of Time and Light through the four phases the 24 hours are made of.
The clock will become, together with the structure, Your personal Virgil, guiding You through images and words, hour by hour, helping You to discover different lights and colours, within an highly-emotional esperience, held a rare book.