An adventure begun several years ago when, recently returned from a “trip to tropical waters”, Claudio began to feel the need to explore new ways of diving, in order to enlarge his operating range and find out new sparks in his own, already rich, experiential baggage.
The road to the exploration of new diving horizons actualizes in few simple words: “Fresh air, rather…different!”. Claudio, along with Alessandro (who doesn’t miss the opportunity to join the exploration of the world of mixes), begins to approach technical diving on a path that, under the guidance of the “mythical” Claudio Corti, pioneer of technical diving in Italy and founder of the Trimix Scuba Association Europe, will lead Alessandro to become the youngest Nitrox, Deep Air and Trimix 95mt Instructor and, Claudio himself to become Nitrox, Deep Air and Trimix 95mt Instructor Trainer.

In this way, many brand new and exciting experiences began, and not only at sea: the proximity and, above all, the desire to confront with an immutable, mysterious and introspective world, makes many dives have, as their “theatre”, the darkness of the Subalpine Lakes bottoms; so the deep walls of Lario, Verbano, Ceresio and Cusio, become the destination of fascinating explorations, immersed in sceneries that can be poor sometimes, but always rich in history, pathos and entirely brand new sensations!